CoA/DM over RADSEC - FreeRadius server ignores the CoA/DM request as Invalid when receives over TLS

saurabha badhai saurabha.badhai at
Tue Apr 7 14:15:42 CEST 2020


I am a freeradius use for long time since 2.1.12 releases.
Recently I upgraded to v3.0.16 and testing the CoA/DM over radsec part.
Already I tested the auhtntication and accounting over RADSEC and it works

But for CoA/DM over RADSEC, I see some enhancement is required in
freeradius server.

On receiving the CoA/DM request from one freeradius server over TLS, I see
freeradius server is discarding it with the below error.

*Error: Invalid packet code 45 sent to a proxy port from home server port 2084 - ID 154 : IGNORED*

When I see the code where the error happens, I found like in
*/src/main/tls_listen.c* under function *dual_tls_recv *we may required to
include below two cases to solve this.

                FR_STATS_INC(coa, total_requests);
                fun = rad_coa_recv;

                FR_STATS_INC(dsc, total_requests);
                fun = rad_coa_recv;

After I added this above lines in the same place, CoA/DM works fine.
My asking is to help to review this changes and check if we can we include
this changes in newer release.

Waiting for your response as earlist.

Saurabha Kumar Badhai

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