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Wed Feb 16 14:57:07 UTC 2022

Thank for your quick answer.

Our use case is:
Freeradius server is configured with ldap, which holds users and their roles.
A role is e.g. 'admin' (who can do everything) or 'view' (who can only view/access some pages) or whatever.
The client (in our case witty-browser) knows how to react depending on user/role.
We had the idea to transmit/propagate the role as a Reply-Message to the client.
The client will get this information over conversation callback method.

I have found in book 'RADIUS, by Jonathan Hassell, O'reilly', that:
'Reply-Message' attributes are allowed in 'Access-Accept, Access-Reject, Access-Challenge'.

My idea is to do exactly what pam_radius_auth.c is doing when receiving Reply-Messages on PW_ACCESS_CHALLENGE, namely rad_converse(...), but this time also on PW_AUTHENTICATION_ACK.

Djelloul Briksi

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On Feb 16, 2022, at 8:43 AM, Senouci Briksi, Djelloul <djelloul.briksi at> wrote:
> We are using pam_radius to authenticate a witty http-browser (client) to a freeradius server.
> Our freeradius server is configured to send a dedicated/special Reply-Message when responding to an authenticate-request.

  OK.  Where do you think that Reply-Message will go?

> I have seen in pam_radius_auth.c<;!!NUSCbv4_!D-NLFfMPMk0GQ0ux8rDoWtHKO_eG0t2MlenP5LdAyrsUDIEZyvsO8wuBZr66nXBnTDPMyg$ > that Reply-Messages are only read as long as (response->code == PW_ACCESS_CHALLENGE).
> Reply-Messages are currently not read if (response->code == PW_AUTHENTICATION_ACK).
> Is there a reason why Reply-Messages are not read in this case?

  A better question is: What do you think the module should do with the Reply-Message?

  The module works as documented, and uses Reply-Message to do challenge / response prompting.

  If you want to do something else with Reply-Message, explain what you want to do.  And why.

  Alan DeKok.

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