FreeRadius with Tomcat/Java Server

Alan DeKok aland at
Wed Feb 7 21:46:54 UTC 2024

On Feb 5, 2024, at 2:19 AM, Dineshkumar pachamuthu <dineshkumar.pachamuthu at> wrote:
> I am currently building a freeradius server along withTomcat server. My
> main goal is to use tomcat server as UI for Radius client configuration and
> to authenticate the user for password (datastore). I have seen the JRadius
> module but currently it is deprecated.  Is there any way for FreeRadius to
> communicate with Tomcat server?

  Unfortunately, the jradius module has not been supported for a very long time.

  What does work is the "rest" module.  See raddb/mods-available/rest.  It works very well for most straightforward REST APIs.

  Alan DeKok.

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