Freeradius + TLS for Wifi networks

Moonshi Mohsenruddin mmoonshi at
Wed Aug 3 12:51:36 CEST 2005

Hello there,

I am implementing freeradius with openssl to do authentication for Wifi
Windows XP clients with Wireless Access Points which has support for

I am using a CommGate Shield product which is based on Red Hat Linux 9.0
with the latest patches, with a custom-compiled freeradius-1.0.4 and
openssl-0.98 as the base system. 

After the compilation and configuration, we did our testing with a
Windows XP Pro SP2 client and the integration was successful. 

However, I noticed that we have had multiple dropped connections from
Windows XP Pro with the Planet WAP-4000 and 3Com Office Connect Wireless
Access Points every 30 to 45 minutes but the freeradius server logs does
not show any errors.

I don't think this is a freeradius issue but I need to verify with
someone that this is not a radius related problem. 

My question: 
Is there any configuration parameters within freeradius that I can tweak
to debug and check that radius is not the one causing this problem?

Logically, I don't think it's a radius issue but I might be wrong.

If there is anyone that would like to get a copy of our RADIUS + TLS
HOWTO documentation with to find out how we did this integration, please
send me a personal email and I will send the PDF copy over.

Stay driven!
Moonshi Mohsenruddin
CommGate Inc.

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