Simple flat file passwords?

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Stunning! Thanks Alan, that was all it took.  I didn't even realise there
WAS a man page for the rlm_ modules. I'll go read some now.

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> I am trying to use the passwd module to configure a simple flat file with
> two fields, a user name and a password. I believe I have the module
> configured right:
> passwd text_file {
>                 filename = /var/text_file
>                 format = "*User-Name:*User-Password"

  From the "man" page for rlm_passwd:

  The key field is signified by being preceded with a '*' character,
  which indicates that the field has only one key, like the /etc/passwd

> However I can't figure out which authtype to use. If I use PAP (above) I
> get the following errors:
> rlm_pap: login attempt by "mward" with password feeble
> rlm_pap: No password (or empty password) to check against for for user
> mward

  Because you configured rlm_passwd wrong.

  And don't set the "auth_type" in rlm_passwd.  I think I'm going to
remove that option from the CVS head.  It's just too confusing.

  Alan DeKok.
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