accounting - respose from freeradius, and forward

Tariq Rashid tariq.rashid at
Thu Aug 4 11:33:38 CEST 2005

thanks for the suggestion.

i've had a look at this and it doesn't seem like an elegant solution to me.

i'll have another look to see if it is possible using mechanisms within the
radiusd.conf (perhaps calling 2 modules, one to reply, one to forward).


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Tariq Rashid wrote:

> we'd like freeradius to reply to accounting requests (start, stop,
> with acknowledgements, but also to forward the accounting request to a
> backend radius server but to ignore the response from this prozy
> this means that the querying NAS equipment doesn't spend time and
> waiting for a backend reply to an accounting request. however, the backend
> radius (possibly belionging to a 3rd party organisation) will need to see
> the accounting packets - we just ignore/drop their repsonse.

You could use radrelay. See the radrelay(8) manpage in 1.0.x version
or radrelay.conf(5) manpage in CVS version.

Nicolas Baradakis

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