Multiple Password Prompts

Alan DeKok aland at
Fri Aug 5 17:03:39 CEST 2005

ragan_davis at wrote:
> As I'm troubleshooting this, I generated another question in my head.  
> This time I'll give some freeradius debug (see blocks 
> between "*********"):
> Here's an exerpt from first try (failure):
> Sending Access-Challenge of id 186 to

  That doesn't look like a failure to me.  The supplicant may stop
talking to the server, and start a new session, but the server thinks
everything's OK.

> I looked back through some of the output, and it seems that each time 
> it fails I get "eaptls_process returned 13", but when it is succeeds I 
> get "eaptls_process returned 7".  Anyone know what 7 and 13 represent 
> (please don't say 'sucess' or 'failure'...i'm hoping it more 
> meaningful than that).

  From src/modules/rlm_eap/types/rlm_eap_tls.h:

typedef enum {
        EAPTLS_INVALID = 0,	  	/* invalid, don't reply */
        EAPTLS_REQUEST,       		/* request, ok to send, invalid to receive */
        EAPTLS_RESPONSE,       		/* response, ok to receive, invalid to send */
        EAPTLS_SUCCESS,       		/* success, send success */
        EAPTLS_FAIL,       		/* fail, send fail */
        EAPTLS_NOOP,       		/* noop, continue */
        EAPTLS_START,       		/* start, ok to send, invalid to receive */
        EAPTLS_OK, 	         	/* ok, continue */
        EAPTLS_ACK,       		/* acknowledge, continue */
        EAPTLS_FIRST_FRAGMENT,    	/* first fragment */
        EAPTLS_MORE_FRAGMENTS,    	/* more fragments, to send/receive */
        EAPTLS_LENGTH_INCLUDED,          	/* length included */
        EAPTLS_MORE_FRAGMENTS_WITH_LENGTH,   /* more fragments with length */
        EAPTLS_HANDLED	  		/* tls code has handled it */
} eaptls_status_t;

  So I don't see any particular reason why one session would succeed
and the other would fail.

> Also, anyone know what the rlm_eap_tls messages mean that accompany
> the 'returned 13' block?

  Information about internal TLS stuff.  There are a *lot* of TLS
packets that go back and forth.

  At this point, the only thing I can suggest is to put a packet
capture on the net somewhere.  That might give more information.

  Alan DeKok.

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