Freeradius - LDAP Authenication

Dusty Doris freeradius at
Fri Aug 5 17:56:59 CEST 2005

> server (running on another machine). I have the vpn talking successfully to
> freeradius, but I cannot get the onward connection to the LDAP to work. I
> have validated that the server running freeradius is able to talk to the
> ldap by using ldapsearch.
> rlm_ldap: ldap_get_conn: Got Id: 0
> rlm_ldap: attempting LDAP reconnection
> rlm_ldap: (re)connect to, authentication 0
> rlm_ldap: bind as cn=account mgr/********* to
> rlm_ldap: cn=directory manager bind to failed: Can't
> contact LDAP server
> rlm_ldap: (re)connection attempt failed

This is pretty clear that it cannot connect.  What does your ldapsearch
command look like?  Perhaps, you have the wrong port or ip in your config?
What does telnet 389 show you?

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