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N White nwtech at tele-net.net
Mon Aug 8 01:03:17 CEST 2005

I'm having trouble setting up the noresetcounter(Max-All-Session). I'm 
running freeradius 1.0.4(Debian). I have compiled and added the 
rlm_sqlcounter.so files to the proper folder in Debian, and freeradius 
-X shows the module starting up(I have renamed it "hotspotcounter"). If 
you would like to see the full output of either the request or startup 
let me know. I'd really like to tackle this thing, so any help/pointers 
are appreciated.

freeradius -X |grep sqlcounter
Config:   including file: /etc/freeradius/sqlcounter.conf
 sqlcounter: counter-name = "Max-All-Session-Time"
 sqlcounter: check-name = "Max-All-Session"
 sqlcounter: key = "User-Name"
 sqlcounter: sqlmod-inst = "sql"
 sqlcounter: query = "SELECT SUM(AcctSessionTime) FROM radacct WHERE 
 sqlcounter: reset = "never"
rlm_sqlcounter: Counter attribute Max-All-Session-Time is number 1671
rlm_sqlcounter: Check attribute Max-All-Session is number 1672
rlm_sqlcounter: Current Time: 1123455447 [2005-08-07 15:57:27], Next 
reset 0 [2005-08-07 15:00:00]
rlm_sqlcounter: Current Time: 1123455447 [2005-08-07 15:57:27], Prev 
reset 0 [2005-08-07 15:00:00]
Module: Instantiated sqlcounter (hotspotcounter)

 I keep getting this result on debug(NTRadping and Chillispot):

rlm_sqlcounter: Entering module authorize code
rlm_sqlcounter: Could not find Check item value pair

Here is what is in radcheck database(00-0B-6A-65-95-B8 is the username):

699      00-0B-6A-65-95-B8      User-Password      :=      password
700     00-0B-6A-65-95-B8     Max-All-Session     :=     1800

Here is sqlcounter.conf:

sqlcounter hotspotcounter {
                counter-name = Max-All-Session-Time
                check-name = Max-All-Session
                sqlmod-inst = sql
                key = User-Name
                reset = never
                query = "SELECT SUM(AcctSessionTime) FROM radacct WHERE 

Here is radius.conf:

modules {
       $INCLUDE ${confdir}/sql.conf
       $INCLUDE ${confdir}/sqlcounter.conf



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