problem with using rlm_sql for accounting only

John Donagher john at
Mon Aug 8 23:20:52 CEST 2005

Hi all-

I've recently deployed freeradius at my employer to replace our old
radius server which lacked native LDAP support which we've moved to for
authentication and authorization. Thanks for a great application.

I have one problem: I've configured freeradius to send accounting data
to an SQL database for ease of reporting.

It works fine, with one exception, which after extensive googling I
don't find anyone else complaining about.

If the SQL server is inaccessible (i.e. down, or locked), freeradius
rejects all radius requests. In my case, since the SQL database is being
used only for accounting, this is not desired behavior. I can see how it
may have been to the designer given that rlm_sql can be used for auth.

So my question is that: is that behavior by design, or is it due to some
misconfiguration on my part? 

I figured I'd start with a simple question before I post configs/logging


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