Licence question, was: Newbie: General Questions About Installation

Stefan.Neis at Stefan.Neis at
Tue Aug 9 11:22:02 CEST 2005

Paul Hampson schrieb:

> And the exclusion of EAP/TLS is due to the well documented conflict
> between the GPL license of rlm_eap_tls and the OpenSSL license,
> makes distributing binaries of rlm_eap_tls that link against openssl
> impossible, legally.

Given that the authors of the software are aware of the problem,
it be simply possible to modify the licence accordingly? So you end up
with a software being distributed under GPL with the exception that
explicitly allowed to distribute binaries linked against non-(L)GPL'ed
open source libraries?
How do companies distributing products based on FreeRADIUS handle
this? That does seem like a problem to me.
Do they deliver boxes with compiler and sources installed, with a
script that automatically starts compilation on the first power-up of
machine and then removes itself, so it's formally the customer who is
compiling things? Seems ridiculuous to me ... 


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