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Markus Krause krause at
Fri Aug 12 00:23:35 CEST 2005

hi all!

what i am dreaming of (at least regarding radius ;-) ):
- wlan with wpa/802.1x using freeradius
- clients mostly windows xp, several mac os x, few linux (unimportant right now)
- the normal users (known to the local unix network the accesspoint/switch is
connected to via nis or (some day) ldap) can access easily just with their
username and password, if possible without client certificates (to keep things
simple for the user)
- some special 'accounts' (for guests etc.) in the freeradius users files

can this be realized with freeradius?
as far as i understand the conecpts behind this all this means a have to use
peap, eap/ttls or eap/mschap-v2, am i right?

has anyone set up something like this and can help me with some ideas, hints
about trap-doors and other trouble ahead? or even some example configuration

any help is appreciated!

thanks in advance for your help! ;-)


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