Freeradius with 64-bit Suse Linux 9.3

dantem.werbung at dantem.werbung at
Tue Aug 16 10:25:47 CEST 2005

I tried to install freeradius-1.0.2-5.2.x86_64 at a Suse Linux 9.3 64-bit server, but the radtest doesn't run.
I started the radtest and NOTHING happend.
Then I installed freeradius-1.0.2-5.2.i586 at a Suse Linux 9.3 32-bit server and it runs without any problems.
I also tried to install Freeradius 1.0.4 at the 64-bit server, but it doesn't work as well.
I want to install the server to connect from an access-point (SMG SMC2870W) with an easy account manager to see, who connected how long to the internet.
Can you please help me to install freeradius at the 64-bit server with an easy manager (e.g. a web-based manager like DialUp Admin).


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