Require NAS dependant radius return attributes

Ben Thompson bt4 at
Wed Aug 17 09:38:11 CEST 2005

> Ben Thompson wrote:
> > The trouble is I need to assign different VLAN's to users depending
> > which access point they connect from. What I would like to know is if it
> > is possible to use Huntgroups to look up the VLAN id based on something
> > like the IP address of the access point?
> You could test the variable "Client-IP-Address" in the users file.
> testuser Client-IP-Address ==, Password := "azerty"
> 	Tunnel-Private-Group-ID:1 := 1,
> 	Fall-Through = Yes
> testuser Client-IP-Address ==, Password := "azerty"
> 	Tunnel-Private-Group-ID:1 := 2,
> 	Fall-Through = Yes
> -- 
> Nicolas Baradakis


Thanks for that advice. I can see that I could end up with a very large
users file using this method. Is there any limit on the size of the
users file? In the near future we may have something like 800000 entries
in there. Is this where you would normally look to use a database



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