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Behzad Barzideh radius at
Thu Aug 18 00:47:11 CEST 2005

Hello, I am new to Radius and Free Radius, so forgave me if this question 
has been asked or it is crazy.

We are in process of change all our authentication and authorization.
At the moment every "service" has it's own user-id/password database. Thus 
authentication/authorization per service is simple. want to deny access to a 
given user, disable his/her password or that service.
As you can imagine this has a big overhead and users have to remember many 
user-id/password per.

Can we use Radius/LDAP to do this.
What I was hope we can do is as follow:
everyone will get one user-id/password But for every service we will create 
a boolean attribute. All services, dialup/wireless/vpn/etc will use one 
radius server for both Auth(authenticate/authorize).
The question is can FreeRadius(or any radius) be configured to as the LDAP 
for the correct service attribute and give access both base on the 
user-id/password and what the value of the services?

Thank you all for your help.
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