clients.conf problem

dev_null dev_null at
Mon Aug 22 13:12:53 CEST 2005


I tried what you said but the server ignored both localhost & 10.20.1.x requests.
Could this be a bug in the 20050818 snapshot?

The only way it works is when including both and only & but it wont' work
if a third client is added. :(

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> I have a hunch...
> How many clients are in your clients.conf file?  Is it just those two or 
> do you have any more?  Are those the *first* two clients?
> If you only have two clients, and its the two you listed there, try 
> putting the localhost ( client declaration in first followed 
> by the client declaration (leave out the client 
> declaration) and see if that works.
> --Mike

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