Netscreen and Freeradius.

Maqbool Hashim maqbool.hashim at
Tue Aug 23 10:46:56 CEST 2005


Has anyone used Radius for authentication with the Netscreens?  It works 
fine, however there is one problem.  Root-Admin for Radius 
authentication is no longer supported.  This is the value of the 
NS-Admin-Privilege attribute in the Netscreen dictionary file which 
gives full access to the user.  Consequently you have to use 
All-VSYS-Root-Admin which gives read-write access to the user, but 
disables some vital functions.  One of which is tftping software and 
config on and off the device.  Is anyone aware of any other limitations 
for All-VSYS-Root-Admin users?

 I'm posting this in the hope that other people have come across this 
issue and found a workaround.

Hoping for the best,

Maqbool Hashim

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