freeradius + MySQL not working after upgrade from 1.0.1

Oliver Graf ograf at
Wed Aug 24 08:15:06 CEST 2005

On Tue, Aug 23, 2005 at 06:30:16PM -0700, marc-ml at wrote:
> Problem solved.  I had been compiling versions > 1.0.1 without enabling
> Ascend binary support.
> >   Are you sure you didn't edit the dictionaries?  Are you sure there's
> > no other attribute 242, of type "octets"?  Are you sure you're using
> > the 1.0.4 dictionaries with 1.0.4?
> I was in the process of removing and reinstalling freeradius, on what was
> already a fresh install on a new sever. to make absolute sure of all of
> that when I noticed a Gentoo local use flag, "frascend", which appears to
> have been introduced in Gentoo freeradius ebuilds after version 1.0.1
> which changed the "default" behavior for later versions to not enable what
> was previously enabled "by default".

frascend in the 1.0.4 ebuild seems to behave the same way as in my
freeradius 0.9.0 ebuilds. I don't see that they changed the meaning of
that use flag from my submitted ebuild over the 1.0.X versions to the
1.0.4 version.

The defualt behavior is and was to only compile with-ascend-binary if
the frascend use flag is present.


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