Richard Cotrina rcc at
Thu Aug 25 18:04:30 CEST 2005

> > (gdb) display mysql_sock
> > 1: mysql_sock = (rlm_sql_mysql_sock *) 0x5f6c7173
>   That's bad.  That's very bad.  It's the ASCII string "sql_",
> interpreted as a pointer on an x86 machine.  No wonder it crashes.
>   The short answer is that there appears to be some memory corruption.
> Can you print out the contents of "sqlsocket", too?  Both the
> structure contents, and the *hex* contents of that area of memory.

These values are what I've got :

(gdb) display sqlsocket
1: sqlsocket = (SQLSOCK *) 0x8092720

(gdb) x 0x8092720
0x8092720:      0x00000001

(gdb) info stack 0x8092720
#0  0x483b7a48 in sql_init_socket (sqlsocket=0x8092720, config=0x8096300)
    at sql_mysql.c:71
#1  0x483660b5 in connect_single_socket (sqlsocket=0x8092720,
    at sql.c:70
#2  0x4836621f in sql_init_socketpool (inst=0x8092680) at sql.c:130
#3  0x48364905 in rlm_sql_instantiate (conf=0x8093840, instance=0x815e508)
    at rlm_sql.c:707
#4  0x80544ad in find_module_instance (instname=0x80946e0 "sql") at
#5  0x80556fa in do_compile_modsingle (component=1, ci=0x80977e0,
    filename=0x805e6c7 "radiusd.conf", grouptype=0, modname=0xbfbfeacc)
    at modcall.c:814
#6  0x805576a in compile_modsingle (component=1, ci=0x80977e0,
    filename=0x805e6c7 "radiusd.conf", modname=0xbfbfeacc) at modcall.c:829
#7  0x80548be in load_component_section (cs=0x8097720, comp=1,
    filename=0x805e6c7 "radiusd.conf") at modules.c:568
#8  0x8054d3e in setup_modules () at modules.c:858
#9  0x804c87c in main (argc=2, argv=0xbfbffc20) at radiusd.c:960

(gdb) f
#0  0x483b7a48 in sql_init_socket (sqlsocket=0x8092720, config=0x8096300)
    at sql_mysql.c:71
71              memset(mysql_sock, 0, sizeof(*mysql_sock));

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