usage of exec to get LDAP value..

haizam haizam at
Fri Aug 26 04:02:30 CEST 2005


I've tried to map new attributes in ldap.attrmap but for every match in 
users file.. it will return both new attributes but the sessiontimeout still 
ruturn no value..

So at the moment i stick to use "exec" to run external script.... unless 
somebody can suggest better way to do it..



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> "haizam" <haizam at> wrote:
>> In LDAP.. user's entry will have additional 2 attributes
>> TimeoutPSTN: 4000
>> TimeoutISDN: 1000
>> then in users file.. using exec to run small script to get correct value 
>> of
>> sessiontimeout based on NAS-Port-Type
>  See raddb/ldap.attrmap You can map those attributes to
> Session-Timeout, I think.
>  If that doesn't work, map them to new attributes, and use the
> "users" file to copy those attributes to Session-Timeout.
>  Alan DeKok.
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