16 bit attr decoding..

Wesley Spadola wspadola at porchlight.ca
Mon Aug 29 18:30:29 CEST 2005

Alan DeKok wrote:
>   The NAS sends those attributes, and FreeRADIUS logs them.
>   What changed in your system the last week?

The only thing I can remember changing is the dictionary, making sure 
that those ATTRIBUTE and VALUE lines were there for both 
Lucent-Modem-Modulation and Lucent-Modulation (not knowing which the NAS 
was going to send at first).

In testing this behaviour, I have taken a few entries (Attribute/Value 
lines only) from the detail and piped them to radclient.  The 
Lucent-Modem-Modulation = 1/2/18 lines get decoded by the radiusd server 
as Lucent-Modem-Modulation = v90/v34/v92 etc.

However I use radiusd in its radrelay mode, having copied the detail 
file I have to location radiusd expects, radiusd does start to read its 
detail file, but does not decode the lines, it only shows through its 
accounting SQL statements that Lucent-Modem-Modulation = 1/2/18 etc.

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