Radwho output question

David Stickelman david.stickelman at us.army.mil
Tue Aug 30 01:43:08 CEST 2005

I have Freeradius running on a Fedora Core 4 server and it has been 
running stable for about a week.  I transistioned from Cistron, and 
although the process took me a bit, I was able to use the documentation, 
comments in the config files, and mailing list archives to find the 
information needed to configure, test, and run Freeradius.

The only question I am left with is when running radwho - in the 'What' 
column there are mostly PPP entries, which I expect.  However, there are 
a few 'shell' entries, which I don't know if they are ok or not.

I am using PAM authentication and standard Linux accounts for users.  
These users are defined as nologin for thier shell so I have made a 
mistake somewhere in my configuration.  The users themselves do not 
notice a difference, I am only concerned that it is a vulnerability or 
misconfiguration on my part.  the users file in raddb only has PPP, 
CSLIP, and SLIP in the default hint entries, and only PAM as auth-type.  
Service type is Framed-User.

In reading the documentation and using google, I cannot determine what 
spcifically  influences the entry in the 'What' column in my 
configuration.  This could be my Freeradius configuration, my NAS 
(Ascend Max), or my users account definition.  I just cannot determine 
which component is doing this.

Any help pointing me in the right direction would be appriciated.


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