New checkItem from LDAP

Joe H jharlan at
Wed Aug 31 16:30:55 CEST 2005

> Joe H <jharlan at> wrote:
>> lines.  lines 2 and 11 are other DEFAULT entries in the users file with
>> fall-through set to yes.  It skips right over the SNS-Enable checkItem.
>  Ah.  The "users" file isn't set up to do comparisons on check items.
>  So I don't think it will work.
>  Alan DeKok.
That's basically the conclusion I came to, which is why I asked.

Is there a way to add another attribute to the ldap module in the 
radiusd.conf.  Something similar to the groupname_attribute?

I've found that adding a fake second module to this file and setting 
groupname_attribute = radiusSNSEnable works if I do something like the 
following in the users file:

DEFAULT sns-test-Ldap-Group != "1"
         USR-Framed_IP_Address_Pool_Name = "BLACKHOLE1",
         Idle-Timeout := "120",
         Fall-Through = Yes

where sns-test is my module name.  This way works but I think it's messy 
since I'm creating a module for just one attribute to be called.  Plus if 
I ever need to add new attributes, that's a lot of modules.


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