dialup_admin problem

Rashad Rustamoff rashad at nakhchyvan.az
Fri Jul 1 07:22:40 CEST 2005

You must point to actual IP address (or FQDN) of machine where mysql server
To do this edit this line in admin.conf:

sql_server: fully.qualified.domain.name.of.server

If your web server running in the same machine where mysql server is

>I am using Freeradius version 1.04 that comes with its own version of
>I've successfully got Freeradius to authenticate using MYSQL as a backend.
>My problem is in getting dialup_admin to read the database when I access my
>radius server on the web.
># can be one of mysql,pg where:
># mysq: MySQL database (port 3306)
># pg: PostgreSQL database (port 5432)
>sql_type: mysql
>#sql_type: mysq
>sql_server: fully.qualified.domain.name.of.server
>sql_port: 3306

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