dialup_admin problem

Okka Radius radius at okka.org.za
Fri Jul 1 10:48:43 CEST 2005

I've changed the following ...

sql_server: ( don't work )
sql_server: ( where it is a substitute for the real ip address )

If I look at the fields below ....

sql_type: mysql ( is the default ) and if I use that then get this error
when clicking on statistics on the dialup admin homepage
< Could not connect to the SQL database >

If I change the string to
sql_type: mysq ( another string ) and use that then I get the error when
clicking on statistucs on the dialup admin homepage
< Could not include SQL library functions. Aborting >

I reckon the problem is something in the connection string because as
mentioned connecting to mysql through a client works perfectly , its only
the web interface that refuses to connect to the db with freeradius running
no matter what the syntax , suggestions ?

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