rlm_sqlcounter + PostgreSQL problem

Miguel Cabrera mfcabrera at gmail.com
Tue Jul 5 22:42:06 CEST 2005

On 7/5/05, Carlos Martínez-Troncoso Cera <cmartinez at uninorte.edu.co> wrote:
>  How are you testing? in the radacct table see if AcctSessionTime has some
> value, this is the data used for the counter, if this value is 0, the query
> is 0, you can test with NTRadPing sending in AcctSessionTime some value.

Well it has the values expected, > 0 for various for the users I'm
testing with.
I've also tested the queries outside radius directly in Postgres and I
returns a number > 0, for example:
SELECT SUM(AcctSessionTime) FROM radacct WHERE UserName='ceruno' AND
AcctStartTime > abstime(1120539600).
this query returns > 0 but when Radius does it, it apparently returns
0, I think there is a bug in someplace. (Did you read the last part of
the email?) :
> Looking at the code in rlm_sqlcounter.c in the sqlcounter_authorize
> function (the lines starting with * is what I've added).
> /* third, wrap query with sql module & expand */
  > sprintf(querystr, "%%{%%S:%s}", responsestr);
>  sqlcounter_expand(responsestr, MAX_QUERY_LEN, querystr, instance);
>  /* Finally, xlat resulting SQL query */
>  radius_xlat(querystr, MAX_QUERY_LEN, responsestr, request, NULL);
> * DEBUG2("rlm_sqlcounter: querystr: %s",querystr);
> * DEBUG2("rlm_sqlcounter: responsestr: %s",responsestr);
>  counter = atoi(querystr);
> * DEBUG2("rlm_sqlcounter: Valor obtenido de la consulta: %d",counter);
> * DEBUG2("rlm_sqlcounter: Valor a checkar: %d",check_vp->lvalue);
> If you compare the output above you will note that when 'counter =
> atoi(querystr)' happens the value of querystr is : ' %{%S:SELECT
> SUM(AcctSessionTime) FROM radacct WHERE UserName='ceruno' AND
> AcctStartTime > abstime(1120539600)}' . So I think is maybe a bug.
> I also have a question: Where the SQL query really happens? I
> couldn't figure it out :(
> I'am runnig in a FC3 with PostgreSQL 7.4.8 and the last stable release
> of freeRadius. (Version 1.0.4)
> I'll appreciate any help you can give me.
> Miguel.

No sabia que usaran freeRadius por Curramba. :)

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