New Setup Issues

Dusty Doris freeradius at
Thu Jul 7 01:10:35 CEST 2005

On Wed, 6 Jul 2005, Jonathan Lindsey wrote:

> Thanks, I have read the readme, man pages, and I even have the O'Reilly
> book on Radius.  All of which I have read.  I still don't know why it's
> not working.  Maybe I'm a dumbass.  I was just being thorough with the
> config files.
> -Jonathan Lindsey

How about this part of the readme


  Run the server in debugging mode, (radiusd -X) and READ the output.
We really can't emphasize this enough.

What does radiusd -X show you?  That would be helpful to post here if you
want someone to be able to help.

As far as tailing a file goes, debug output (radiusd -X) will be more
helpful until you get it working.  But if you want to see it now, you
might want to check the variables in radiusd.conf that looks something

logdir = /var/log
log_file = ${logdir}/radius.log

If your radiusd.conf file also looks like that, then I'd try

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