Authorize, Authenticate.. EAP

Mario Alberto Cruz Gartner mario.cruz at
Thu Jul 7 02:17:57 CEST 2005

After read some of the guides for the EAP/(TLS/TTLS/PEAP) setup i was
wondering why major of them indicate put "eap" on the authorize
section of radiusd.conf

Obiosuly, on the authenticate section "eap" must be set, but, on the
authorize section?
I have a working installation with EAP/TLS but the authorize sections
just points to the mysql server (via the "sql" directive).

What specifically do the eap module when its called from the authorize section?
I'm asking this because i noted that always accpeted the user, and
passed to the authenticate.

I'm wrong? confused or simply missed something? The guides show us
some "extra" steps that doesn't are necessary?

Thks a lot!

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