paid help needed

Radius radius at
Fri Jul 8 02:46:14 CEST 2005

We are requesting bids to fix/install radius to work with version 1.0.4.

Since we are not having any luck to get this running and response has 
been light and too few, and version 1.0.1 on another server just 
recently decided it didn't want to work correctly with slip
when we set up a pass through (And this one was not touched) we are 
putting out paid request for help to reconfigure our production radius 

It must work with PAP and Chap using /etc/passwd/shadow & mysql database.

We also authenticate our slipstream users from the mysql database.

If you need to know how the database is laid out you will need to send 
to get that for you. If we have to start over with database, that is 
fine also. I also have
a mysql dump of the database in backup.

There is only 22 users on one mysql database and 6 on the other. So to
re-enter the information is not that bid of a deal and can be done very 
with a pre-written script    .

We do have the backup text that was used to create the radius database 
to allow
us to disable and enable slipstream and dialup users.

All configuration steps need to be handled by email. We have our email 
to check
every three minutes and can be set lower if need be to get job finished in
timely manner. If we need to call you to configure this we can after 
7:00pm our
time to avoid toll charges.

Once cost is accepted a new private email address will be provided.

We prefer to not provide shell access to our servers. Didn't have to the 
year when we hired help here to get our radius installed and working.

You have to agree to work with me until finished once started.

If you also prefer we can use the escrow service of
is where we get all our programming help, and will post this there
also if we need to.

We must have 24 hours (weekday) to have system verified as working
by our wholesale provider.

Thank you and good luck.
Thursday night would be a very good time to do this so could be verified 
by morning.

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