Radius, Radsec, Diameter [was: Silly question - secure Radius?]

Stefan Winter freeradius-users-ml at stefan-winter.de
Fri Jul 8 08:23:39 CEST 2005


> radsec?  It addresses the server->server problem, not the supplicant
> login problem.
> Sure, it's on the radar, but so far there hasn't been much
> *practical* interest in implementing it.

Speaking of a radar - is an implementation of the Diameter protocol something 
you have on that radar as well?
To my knowledge, no real usable implementation exists. The only serious thing 
on Open Source side I have seen is opendiameter (www.opendiameter.org), but 
they are only providing libraries for Diameter internals so far. If you want 
to do a real, practical task, like "I would like to authnuse Active Directory 
as a backend authentication and TTLS-PAP for the credential transport" you 
are pretty much on your own right now.


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