ippool corrections

Marek Gradzki mgradzki at ost.net.pl
Fri Jul 8 14:46:16 CEST 2005

Hi there!
I have installed and run FreeRadius Server on Solaris 8 (x86 and sparc).
Authorization and authentication works with LDAP protocol with OpenLDAP
Accounting is processed by SQL database (PostgreSQL).
I use these radius servers to perform AAA operations as a response to
request send from device terminating PPPoE sessions.
Also I have to use radius server feature to dynamically assign IP addresses
to client sessions.
So I have assumed that rlm_ippool module is right for this task. But
unfortunately all
sessions that are terminated in the box working with radius come to this
device by the
same port. So I had to rewrite a little bit rlm_ippool module to verify used
ip addresses
not only by nas device and nas port but also by user name.
Unfortunately I have no opportunity to test this rewriten module in orther
If anyone is interested in testing this module please email me, because I
would like
to be sure that this module will work in other configuration (maybe not
no only in mine. Anyway I will have to verify my corrections because
displays some strange informations on teh screen.

mgradzki at ost.net.pl

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