Problems with the PEAP configuration

Mario Alberto Cruz Gartner mario.cruz at
Fri Jul 8 23:38:28 CEST 2005

I'd finally knew why the client (Xp-SP2) was sending the username
"PEAP-MacAddress" to the radius.
I have installed the "Cisco Aironet Client Utility" (and the aironet
drivers), and this software changed the EAP methods on XP and sends
the mentioned user instead of the real one when tries PEAP auth.

Now, the real username comes to the radius, the authorize comes ok,
but the authenticate returns "handled" and the client doesn't
authenticates well.

I was looking the debug output and now i don't see where i can dig for details.
EAP/TLS works fine already.

Maybe i'm misleading something?
What i'm doing wrong?

Again, thks a lot for your help, it's annoying answer to too many
similar questions, i know, but i didn't find something to do now of
this. AND, i was thinking on make an updated version of the guides so
ppl with less exp (like me!) can read and don't disturb you. =)

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