Service-Type: Outbound vs. Outbound-User

Gerald Krause gk at
Fri Jul 8 23:44:03 CEST 2005

hello alan,

Am Freitag, 8. Juli 2005 22:37 schrieb Alan DeKok:
> Gerald Krause <gk at> wrote:
> > according to rfc2865 value 5 of attr 6 should be named "Outbound" and
> > not "Outbound-User" (if i have read the rfc well) and that causes all
> > my dial-out's fail after installing v1.0.4 because all users where
> > configured with "Outbound". even though fixing was dead easy - have i
> > misunderstood the rfc?
>   No.  But the names are essentially irrelevant.

yes, i know.

>   You didn't say what you upgraded from (or if you upgraded), or if
> you just typed in "outbound" from the RFC's.

we have only cisco NAS's in production and all the examples on 
using "outbound".

since using freeradius (from 0.4 or so, livingston/cistron before) i 
remember that i stumbled on this more then once (after every upgrade?) but 
asking now the first time about some basics:

i know i can easily change all my "outbound" values into "outbound-user" in 
order to make further upgrades simpler but i wonder if it would make sense 
to change the default value in the dictionary or include "outbound" in (even it looks not cisco specific because the rfc tells 
the same)?

but i'am in doubt because i saw nobody else with this 'problem' (yea, maybe 
because it is not really one). are they all using "outbound-user" from 
beginning? do they all edit the dictionary? or nobody runs dial-out? hm, 
sounds more philosophic ;) ...anyway, that was my impulse to ask.


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