Service-Type: Outbound vs. Outbound-User

Gerald Krause gk at
Sat Jul 9 21:30:17 CEST 2005

Am Samstag, 9. Juli 2005 18:31 schrieb Dusty Doris:
> >   The names are IRRELEVANT.  The dictionaries matter only to the
> > RADIUS server and it's configuration files.  I could rename all of the
> > attributes & valuess to random words from the dictionary, and it would
> > make *no* difference to the clients.
> To expand on what Alan was saying, for the purpose of the list archive.


> Think of it like DNS, mapping to a user-friendly name.

at this time i would only point out that my question aim at freeradius' 
*standard behavior* regarding naming attr 6/value 5, not *how dictionaries 
work* (this should be quite clear for everyone who run radius servers). 

my last note: i apologize for my finickiness :). i appreciate the freeradius 
project a lot and never regret the decision to using it. 


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