Radius, Radsec, Diameter [was: Silly question - secure Radius?]

Artur Hecker hecker at enst.fr
Sun Jul 10 04:35:38 CEST 2005

you might be right. yet i think that we might ignore some opportunities 
which would be possible/supported by diameter. i really believe that 
current usage produces demand in the same manner as demand influences 
the usage. using additional web-based "touches" to trigger server 
solicitations by the client is indeed quite ridiculous.

the main problem with radius is IMHO its client-server nature. it 
inherently lacks control. also TCP in dimaeter and defined TLS in proxy 
mode might be advantageous.


Alan DeKok wrote:
> Artur Hecker <hecker at enst.fr> wrote:
>>well, that's not the point since diameter would be backwards compatible 
>>to radius... but i do ask myself what the manufacturers are waiting for. 
>>it could be at least an option.
>   Diameter will be interesting ole when manufacturers ship millions of
> boxes with diameter.
>   Why don't they?  Let's look at what they need from RADIUS or diameter:
>   1) username/password authentication.  Yup, RADIUS does this.
>   2) EAP->AAA for wireless.  Yup, RADIUS does this.
>   The nice thing about RADIUS is that it's so easy to implement.  In
> contrast, diameter is 1000x more complicated than RADIUS, and it only
> solve .1% more problems than RADIUS.  Diameter is not going to be
> widely deployed.
>   Ever.
>>see also "open diameter". it even does EAP...
>   Not as many EAP methods as FreeRADIUS. :)
>   Adding EAP-FAST to FreeRADIUS may not be too hard, either.
>   Alan DeKok.
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