Problems authenticating and assigning DHCP addresses

Vladimir Vuksan vlists at
Mon Jul 11 02:05:28 CEST 2005

jck-freeradius at wrote:

>My problem with TTLS, is that for what I can tell, Microsoft has no
>native support for TTLS.  Only PEAP.
>If someone can tell me of another method for doing a TLS tunnel, with no
>client certificate neeed, and use Crypt passwords, I would be very happy!
That is correct. The only way to use Crypted passwords is using TTLS 
with PAP authentication in the inner tunnel. PEAP will not do it. Unless 
you have NT/LMv2 hashes in your database or clear text passwords. This 
is how you set up different clients to use TTLS+PAP


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