AW: PEAP -> Why tls ?? Beginer question

Michael Langer mphantom at
Mon Jul 11 23:28:40 CEST 2005

Thx for response!!!

>> i get the listet log. The freeradius server identify the request as EAP.
>> why it startet rlm_eap_tls?
>  Because PEAP uses TLS.

TLS is used between windows 2000 and freeradius, or freeradius and cisco
I thought windows talk to cisco by ms-chapv2?

Sorry now im confused. Can one say me shortly who is speaking over what

>> I thought he gots the message, notice its EAP and take the password from
>> users (file). But it start tls handshake, and fails. (Where i can see how
>> rlm_eap, rlm_eap_tls is configured?)
>  The debug log does now show a failure.

but both, the client and the root, certificates are installed on windows
2000 client.

best regards
Michael Langer

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