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> > Secondly, I would like to use clear-text passwords in the Access-Request
> > packets. Would the mschap module figure out things right automagically?
>   No.  For that, you can list ldap in the authenticate section.
> >  As I see it, it only gets active and sets Auth-Type to MS-CHAP when
> > it sees a Challenge in the Access-Request. Could this be one of the
> > rare cases where I have to set Auth-Type manually (to MS-CHAP) get
> > ntlm_auth running?
>   You may set Auth-Type, but don't set it to MSCHAP.  Set it to LDAP.

authorize {


authenticate {
       Auth-Type LDAP {

right? Or would the mschap module be completely obsolete in this case? But 
then I don't understand why so many people complain that auth against Active 
Directory doesn't work with the LDAP module?

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