FreeRadius and PIX 520 accounting

lmarante at lmarante at
Thu Jul 14 02:20:28 CEST 2005

Hello everyone

This subject was once asked but I've never seen a clear answer about it.

I'm using FreeRadius 0.9.3 to authenticate our VPN users connecting 
through our PIX 520 with OS version 6.3. I'd like to enable accounting 
also so I can restrict only one connection per user simultaneously.

Last I checked, there was some kind of incompatibility between the packets 
the firewall is sending and what FreeRadius is expecting to recieve. I 
wanted to know if this is somehow "patched" in 1.0.4 or if it will still 
not work.

Also, if it's not fixed in freeradius, anyone knows if upgrading to the OS 
version 7 will fix it ?

Thanks in advance.

Lior Marantenboim.
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