mysql Accounting not working

Leonardo Valente leovalente2000 at
Thu Jul 14 15:14:34 CEST 2005


I use Debian Linux Sarge, kernel 2.6.8-2(368),
freeradius 1.0.2, and I'm trying to configure
freeradius + mysql Accounting.
I created database from script "db_mysql.sql", and
created a user to access database with full
privileges. I tested to access database from another
host and it's fine.
I can get authentication from localhost and another
host. BUT freeradius is not insert accounting
information in database.
I used "freeradius -X" to get some debug information
and I can't see it doing INSERT. But I know that
freeradius connect into database when I start the
daemon, I could see that in "mysql.log".
I looked into "mysql.log" and freeradius is not doing
Database name, database username, password and host
are set in "sql.conf". And "accounting" tag from
"radiusd.conf" is:
accounting {

Someone can tell me if I forgot some configuration? I
just wanna do Mysql Accounting...

Thanks in advance

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