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Michael Griego mgriego at
Thu Jul 14 18:13:50 CEST 2005

We have a similar setup... about the same number of APs and users, more 
online simultaneously.  And, we're enforcing PEAP reauths every 15 minutes.

We're running 2 Dell Poweredge 650s, each with a single 2.4GHz P4, 512MB 
RAM, single 40GB hard drive in failover.  The first 650 takes the brunt 
of the auth traffic, but, since RADIUS and even EAP-TLS is really low 
overhead, those servers hardly ever see a load average of .1 unless I'm 
doing something like compiling a new version of the FR code.


Michael Griego
Wireless LAN Project Manager
The University of Texas at Dallas

King, Michael wrote:
> We're going to be setting up a freeRADIUS server to service around 400
> simultaneous connections.  (500 AP's, 4000 users, about 400 online at
> once)  Accounting info would be on another different server.(Not part of
> What's a good server for this?  What's more important?  Memory or CPU?
> I was thinking a dell poweredge 750, 2.8Ghz, 1Gig of RAM, 73G drive.
> Thoughts?
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