ippool problem

abernabe at mutua-mad.es abernabe at mutua-mad.es
Fri Jul 15 08:41:39 CEST 2005


I´m trying to configure a FreeRadius 1.0.4 in Red Hat 8.0. Everything 
works OK until I add the ippool in the "post-auth" and "accounting" 

When I start the server I get always the error "Segmentation Fault" after 
loading radutmp, just when it tries to load the ippool in the "accounting" 

I have the following configuration in the ippool module:

        ippool 2 {
                range-start =
                range-stop =
                netmask =
                cache-size = 254
                session-db = ${raddbdir}/db.ippool
                ip-index = ${raddbdir}/db.ipindex
                override = yes
                maximum-timeout = 0

Do you know if I´m doing something wrong?


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