Allowing any NAS to connect to my radiusd.

Guy Davies Guy.Davies at
Fri Jul 15 12:42:57 CEST 2005

Hi Marcin,

You can create a subnet in clients.conf (e.g. that can
use the same key.  I think that doing would be a very bad plan
since it only requires that an attacker know the shared key to be able
to send valid requests.  Since all your devices are matched by a single
entry then *all* your devices by definition must use the same key and it
becomes more likely that the knowledge of that key will "get out" and
you'll have the tedious task (if you even notice) of changing the secret
key on every single NAS.

If you can constrain it to a small subnet, then that's slightly better
(although still somewhat risky).

The best method is to have individual clients listed with *unique* keys
per client (yes, I know this is a real pain but if you want security
this is about the best you can do with the limited security afforded by
the shared key).



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> Hi.
> I would like to allow any NAS IP to connect to my radius 
> server restricting connections from NAS only with shared 
> secret - username and password. Is it possible to use 
> or ANY in clients.conf/SQL nas table ? What are the security 
> issues having an open setup like that ?
> Cheers
> Marcin Jessa.
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