AVPair question

Andrey andrey at latestwave.com
Fri Jul 15 17:51:31 CEST 2005

Hey List,

Quick question about AVPair. I have a Colubris Access Point which wants me to
use the Colubris-AVPair attribute. The attribute is defined in a dictionary
file, which is included in the main dictionary. This is what it looks like:

# Colubris dictionary - dictionary.colubris
#       Enable by putting the line "$INCLUDE dictionary.colubris" into
#       the main dictionary file.

VENDOR          Colubris                8744

#       Vendor-specific attributes
ATTRIBUTE       Colubris-AVPair         0       string          Colubris
ATTRIBUTE       Colubris-Intercept      1       integer         Colubris

When I try to authenticate, I get "unknown-vendor 8744, size 30 = '' " for my
attributes dump. What am I missing? Is there a separate file for defining

Any help appreciated.

- Andrey

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