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Fri Jul 15 20:55:00 CEST 2005

    In tls.c I want to add some code to tls_handshake_send:
int tls_handshake_send(tls_session_t *ssn)
 int err;
  * If there's un-encrypted data in 'clean_in', then write
  * that data to the SSL session, and then call the BIO function
  * to get that encrypted data from the SSL session, into
  * a buffer which we can then package into an EAP packet.
  * Based on Server's logic this clean_in is expected to
  * contain the data to send to the client.
/* newpiece so I can see what is being encrypted */
  printf("%x ", ssn->[i]);

 if (ssn->clean_in.used > 0) {
  SSL_write(ssn->ssl, ssn->, ssn->clean_in.used);
  /* Get the dirty data from Bio to send it */
  err = BIO_read(ssn->from_ssl, ssn->,
  if (err > 0) {
   ssn->dirty_out.used = err;
  } else {
   int_ssl_check(ssn->ssl, err, "handshake_send");
 return 1;
    So I just want to biuld tls.c and use it.
    I know everybody already knows how to do this but I have time constraints(as usual);


Alan DeKok <aland at> wrote:DALE REAMER wrote:
> I am new to tweaking freeradius code. Since I am having trouble
> forming the information to be encrypted by SSL and then sent to the
> wpa_supplicant (bad decryptopmn or bad mac error on the
> wpa_supplicant side, and also sometimes on the server side) I want
> to put in some printf's in freeradius, probably in tls.c. After I
> add code, what needs to be built and installed, every directory has
> a makefile.

Can you explain what you are trying to do, in a way other than
"tweaking the code"? It's pretty much impossible to help you if you
don't give any information.

If you're adding another EAP method, copy one of the existing ones
to a new directory and rename it.

Alan DeKok.

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