freeradius performance & cpu usage

Fechete Raul raul.fechete at
Mon Jul 18 11:00:07 CEST 2005


i have the following problem. i'm running freeradius (with the eap-sim
module, and a special module a colleague of mine wrote) on a dual 3 ghz
xeon, and all that i'm getting out of it are 25 (?) authorizations per
second. i wanted to see just about how bad the module was and
short-circuited it. it registers only two functions, an authorization and an
accounting one. if they are _empty_, the freeradius manages to get up to 70
auth./sec. no back-end database, no network communication, just the
test-clients and the radius with the module returning a simple
RLM_MODULE_UPDATED. when using 3 clients with 200 authorization each, the
number of threads jumps to 600. that's ok. what bothers me is that the
freeradius is handling such a small amount of authorizations, and keeping
the processor usage below 10%. (?!) why doesn't it take 90% and do in the
mean time more work? if it used all the processor time, i could just scale
it maybe and get the performance i need, but this way, the computer remains
practically unused.

thank you, 
raul f.
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