freeradius performance & cpu usage

Fechete Raul raul.fechete at
Mon Jul 18 13:33:41 CEST 2005

Nicolas Baradakis wrote:

>> what bothers me is that the freeradius is handling such a small
>> amount of authorizations, and keeping the processor usage below
>> 10%. (?!) why doesn't it take 90% and do in the mean time more work?

> Perhaps the client doesn't send enough requests to make the server
> busy. How do you make your tests?

thank you for your answer. that might just be it! :-) i have a test 
client also programmed by a colleague, that starts a number of threads (for
each authorization one) that in the beginning wait for a semaphore. after
all threads are ready, the semapfore is switched to green and all
authorization requests are sent in a burst. maybe it needs some tuning.. 
anyway, do you know any radius eap-sim test clients that work for sure? 

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