Script to encrypt/decrypt User-Password

Tore Anderson tore at
Mon Jul 18 22:19:48 CEST 2005

* Tore Anderson

>  Hi.  Does anyone have a script that implements the encrypting/
> decrypting algorithm of User-Password that they'd like to share?  I
> want to be able to input the Authenticator, shared secret, a
> password, and then get the encrypted password in return (or vice
> verca).

* Bill Campbell

> You won't get a decrypted password without doing a dictionary
> check with cracklib or similar software as *nix passwords are
> done with a one-way encryption.

  Thanks for the tip, but I'm after a script that can encrypt/decrypt
 the User-Password attribute of a RADIUS Access-Request packet, not
 the stuff in /etc/passwd on a UNIX machine.

  This algorithm is two-way, and it is briefly described in RFC 2865
 section 5.2.

Tore Anderson

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