Password with comma fail with LDAP

Turtiainen, Tero tero.turtiainen at
Tue Jul 19 11:05:41 CEST 2005


> We have FreeRADIUS 0.9.3 using LDAP for authorisation. We now have a
> problem that for example password with certain characters is cut. For
> example password "test,ing" is cut to "test". This is caused by the
> gettoken function in src/lib/token.c which is used by the rlm_ldap
> module. Google search seems to indicate that the same problem has been
> with the SQL-module which also uses gettoken.
> This kind of behaviour is of course quite evil. Is our problem unique?
> I made a quick test fix by replacing all occurences of gettoken in
> src/modules/rlm_ldap/rlm_ldap.c with getbareword-function (also in
> src/lib/token.c) which does not care about the tokens

I have looked at this a little bit more and I still don't get it. Why
does the LDAP-module use the gettoken() function? I have thought that
the authorisation data stored in LDAP should be usually taken "as is",
but in the LDAP/gettoken case it seems that there could also be some
special handling. But in our case this breaks the password handling if
the password contains some of those delimiters (like ,=> etc...).
Storing the passwords in MD5 or some other one-way encryption is not a
solution as CHAP is used for authentication. And the gettoken also
breaks other attributes, not just passwords.

Is there something that I don't understand or is this a bug in the
LDAP-module? Replacing gettoken with getbareword in the rlm_ldap.c
seemed to fix this, but this may brake a lot of other things... :)

Or should this be discussed in freeradius-devel?
Tero Turtiainen
Telecom, Media & Entertainment
tero.turtiainen at

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