multiple realm proxying based on huntgroup.

Nicolas Baradakis nbk at
Tue Jul 19 11:39:22 CEST 2005

Roy D. Hockett wrote:

>>> I am trying to figure out a way to have different groups of realm proxies
>>> for different NAS/huntgroups.  For example, for a VPN resouces I don't
>>> want realms, but for wireless/wired 802.1x I want to be able to forward
>>> to other realms.
>> In the "users" file:
>> DEFAULT Huntgroup-Name == wireless, Proxy-To-Realm :=
> I don't understand your response. Are you saying on a per users
> basis set this?

Please read the users(5) manpage. The keyword "DEFAULT" matches any
usernames. In this case it's the "Huntgroup-Name" variable which is
used to match the incoming request.

DEFAULT Huntgroup-Name == wired, Proxy-To-Realm :=

DEFAULT Huntgroup-Name == wireless, Proxy-To-Realm :=

The hungroups have to be defined in /etc/raddb/huntgroups and the
realm servers in /etc/raddb/proxy.conf.

Nicolas Baradakis

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